USB Secure Software for encryption on all portable memory. You can use the USB Secure software to password-protect USB drives, thumb drives, memory cards, external drives, and flash drives so that someone other than the one who knows the password can not unlock it and steal information! This software works with your settings so that you need a password when you connect it to USB. USB Secure software does not require much technical knowledge and it is very easy to protect the information in your flash drive, which may be very personal or very valuable, to avoid spamming.

Software Features:

  • The ability to put a password on all portable memory
  • Extremely high accuracy in encryption
  • Create security to prevent your information from being stolen
  • Has a very high speed in locking up several gigabytes
  • Automatic password request when connecting portable memory to the system
  • The impossibility of accessing information without knowing the password
  • Compatible with portable memory such as Memory Sticks, Memory Cards, Pen Drives, Jump Drives, Thumb Drives, and USB Flash Drives.

Download Area:


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