Adobe Flash Player 31.0 Win / Mac Free Download

Adobe Flash Player To view Flash and SWF files, you need to install Flash Player, and installing this application is also required to display SWF files on web pages that appear on almost all web pages.


• Enhanced security: Increase security
• ActionScript 3.0: Version 3.0 of the script
• New virtual machine: Equipped with Virtual Machine or New Virtual Machine
• File upload/download: Upload and download files
• Enhanced expressiveness: More expressive this version
• Increased performance: Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the software
• Display API: Display API functions
• External API: Output API functions
• Asynchronous communication model: an Asynchronous communication model
• Installation more convenient and more comprehensive
• Support for Input Method Editor or IME


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For Firefox, Safari, Opera

For Internet Explorer

For browsers, Chromium-based browsers


Windows version

Mac OS X version



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