Avira AntiVirus Pro 15 free Download


Avira AntiVirus Comprehensive antivirus for Windows and Unix computers on the network and protects them against all the security threats of viruses, worms, trojans, hackers and more. The Avira AntiVirus configuration and management through the Avira Management Console (SMC) can be done centrally and seamlessly across the entire network. The Avira Anti Virus is extremely lightweight and powerful and does not overload on systems. Using AHeAD technology, this product is able to detect new unknown viruses.
Avira AntiVir software features:-
Full protection against viruses and malware
Reliable, powerful AntiVir technology, plus numerous awards in the field of virus detection
A very fast response to new risks, this has been done in collaboration with research companies on malware.
Leading in detecting and destroying viruses and malware, with the help of a new search engine (faster and safer than the past)
Protecting and identifying RootKit and destroying unwanted malware on your system. (For the 32-bit Haus version)
AHeAD technology to identify and eliminate the risk of a rapidly changing attacker.
Real-time monitoring to access all files with the help of on-access scanner (also checking zip files) alongside on-demand scanner for manual and timed searches.
WebGuard to check for HTTP-based traffic to identify viruses and malwares. Along with detecting and blocking phishing and malware automatically
MailGuard Check emails sent and received on Windows (POP3 and SMTP) by Email Scanner to check extensions with emails by AntiBot.
Identify compressed files by recursive to multi-layer functions for checking compressed files and executable packages.
Quarantine infected files and isolate infected and suspicious files in Windows
Schedule and manage your activities automatically
Lightweight update packages for low bandwidth Internet with daily updates on the network and the Internet.
Scheduler to perform automated activities
Possibility to provide comparative reports and reports
Manage on the network by Avira Security Management Center – SMC
Strong user interface design so that all actions, including updates and searches, can be done easily.
Ability to create different management profiles with different access.