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CPU-Z If you want to know all about your computer’s CPU and get rid of it and poke it, it’s enough to run this software. The CPU-Z can extract that exact information about your microprocessor from your computer, which you believe in. You will not be, In fact, the expertise of the CPU-Z software is to complete a complete compilation of your CPU and report it along with details about cache (internal memory), and motherboard or motherboard of your computer. You can use the CPU-Z software to take advantage of the parts used in your system. The most important information about the CPU, like the processor name, is the brand name of the technology used in your CPU, which gives you the speed and amount of CPU used in the CPU, and so on. In the Cache tab, in this section, Cache Cache Level 1 and Cache Level 2, which if you have a Cpu Dual Core, you can see the cache used in it.

software features:

  • Cpu display including type, speed, and rigging
  • Display the Bios profile version and build date
  • Specifications of the graphics card and its speed
  • Display the exact specifications of the RAM used on the system
  • The software is very compact and user-friendly
  • Show the CPU Cache Specification and the amount of cache used in it
  • Display motherboard specifications such as manufacturer, chipset, model


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