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FastCopy Be sure to come to you on Windows, that sometimes you want to copy a file and move it to another location with problems like slow speed. This problem occurs when your file is high and you have to spend a lot of time. Until the transfer operation is done, this problem is seen in all versions of Windows, even Windows 7 has not been able to resolve this issue. According to various tests, Fast Copy speeds up to 2x copy speed with Windows, which is a huge difference when copying / transferring folders that have a large number of files. Ast Copy has some extraordinary advantages. You know that when you do two simultaneous copying/transfer operations in Windows, the speed of work is very low, the most important advantage of Fast Copy is that when you want to do multiple copying/transfer simultaneously, one task It performs at high speed and keeps the rest of the work up and starts the second work immediately after the first job is completed. Also, when you copy a folder somewhere in which some files are the same in every 2 spaces, Fast Copy does not copy the same files in a smart way.

FastCopy software features:-

  • You can adjust the options for Fast Copy / Fast Copy in the right mouse button (you can do

this by right-clicking the Drog & Drop mouse)

  • View multiple reports such as copy/transfer speed, number of files, remaining time …
  • Possibility to keep copying / transferring files (if needed) and keep them working
  • Copy/transfer files faster than Windows (sometimes up to 2x)
  • Copying and transferring similar files and folders in 2 spaces
  • Delete specific files/folders that Windows cannot remove
  • The ability to determine the amount of hard drive used when copying/transferring
  • Optimal use of hard drive





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