Gillmeister Batch Text Replacer 2.13 with Serial key

Clump Text Replacer An incredible and amazing application that gives you a chance to alter numerous content records at the same time. The Batch Text Replacer programming has an assortment of amazing highlights and instruments for altering the substance of content records. For instance, you can enter, supplant, or erase the whole content substance. You can likewise include or expel content strings and use content changer inside the program to change the encoding of content documents. All work done can be joined and put away as a layout for reuse. The reinforcement highlight implanted inside the Batch Text Replacer programming enables you to reestablish all progressions to the past state if important. With the coordinated web crawler, documents can be hunt down by explicit watchwords, which enables you to alter content records before picking.

Edit Functions:

the clump handling arrangement contains numerous helpful capacities for adaptable altering various content records. For instance, for seeking and supplanting content sections, you have a few instruments available to you; among others, you can utilize a CSV record for this errand. By having the capacity to join all capacities together in any request, you can perform complex content tasks with Batch Text Replacer.

The impact of the progressions will have appeared in the see progressively. This permits an examination of the outcome ahead of time. Changed content segments can be featured in shading for clearness.

  • Batch Text Replacer containing much more text editing functions than an ordinary text replacer
  • The case of text sections can be changed as desired
  • Search and replace by using CSV files
  • Search and replace multiple terms at once
  • Entries of an imported list can be inserted line by line at any position
  • Support for PERL-compatible regular expressions
  • Integrated text converter to change the encoding of text files (e.g., convert UTF-8 to ANSI)
  • Remove, modify, or add newline characters
  • Text editing functions can be combined arbitrarily


Batch Text Replacer includes multiple tools to restrict the text to be edited. The text area to be processed can be precisely defined by entering a start and end criterion. This is helpful, for example, in order to replace only the text between two HTML tags. You can use the “Repeat” option to process all subsequent areas that meet the specified criteria. Furthermore, it is possible to exclude files, text areas or lines with certain characteristics from the processing, such as lines that begin with a number or a certain term. Area limiter and filters can be nested across multiple levels.

  • Functions can be applied to all matching areas (e.g., HTML or XML elements)
  • Numerous types of filters: file filter, text filter, line filter, variable filter, area limiter, and variable content filter
  • Sections to be processed within a text can be narrowed down exactly
  • Filters are flexibly nestable with each other

Operating System

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

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