Software for controlling, directing, and repairing computers remotely by connecting two computers with the help of the Internet. With the help of TeamViewer software, two users can connect their computers to each other by installing and using this software and exchanging passwords so that a user (active side) views the other user’s monitor image remotely and to the fullest. Have access to your computer. With the help of TeamViewer, you can also upload and download software. This software passes through the Paracas, Firewall, and Network Address Translation (NAT).
How it works: After installing the software, you will be given a Your ID and Password, which if you give this profile to someone who has installed the same software, he can log into your computer. Acting under your supervision. You can disconnect the person’s access level from your system by exiting this software. Each time you close and open the software, you will receive a new password that you need to provide a new password if you want the person you want to re-enter your computer. To use this software, it is necessary to have the Internet speed of both people desirable and do not download at the time of entry, so that no drop in speed can be created.
This software cannot be dangerous and hacked? : In this software, all the behaviors that the person enters will be monitored by the system owner. Each click and every move of the person entering is visible from the computer owner and can take control of the person at any time, by simply closing the TeamViewer software from his system. While Hacker attacks do not sacrifice any alert or message and penetrate into the user’s computer in complete silence and do not require any permission, and practically the user cannot understand anything. Therefore, under no circumstances, the function of this software is not Hacker attacks and there is no risk to any type of user and the antivirus is not in trouble with it. The only thing to keep in mind is that the person who is logged in does not allow changes to his TeamViewer software settings.
Currently, this software blocked Iran’s IPs and does not allow Iranian users to use this software.
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