Windows Firewall Control

Microsoft’s operating systems are now free to use a free firewall for themselves, but unfortunately they do not use the easy-to-use interface for creating rules for program communications, and in some cases The task is a bit complicated for these configurations. Windows Firewall Control is a very handy application that extends the Windows Firewall functionality and provides quick access to Windows Firewall options in plain and simple windows. This program will be placed in the Windows tray after it runs and allows users to use the Windows Firewall more easily and easily without spending too much time working with Windows Firewall.

software features

  • Just a small executable file
  • Full support for running tasks from standard user accounts
  • Easy and easy intuitive interface available in the system tray
  • Allow or block access to an internet application with just one click
  • Launch context merger to the right-click menu of the executable file
  • Quick and direct access to editing Windows Firewall from the program interface
  • Ability to retrieve previous settings


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